Blog: 12 June 2013

First-Light USA Enters Into Agreement With North American Rescue

North American RescueSeymour, IL—First-Light USA has announced that they have entered into a distribution agreement with North American Rescue (NAR) to provide their Tomahawk series of hands-free tactical lights to NAR customers.

NAR is a leading provider of innovative casualty care solutions for military, tactical law enforcement officers, fire fighters and emergency health care professionals. First-Light USA’s line of Tomahawk tactical lights provide maximum versatility and enhanced illumination at the point of injury, by offering superior chest mounting capability and full 180-degree adjustability of the light source. The medical line of Tomahawks also feature a proprietary mix of red and green LEDs that “highlight” blood for immediate wound identification in multi-fluid situations when white light cannot be used. This unique set of features is specifically engineered to assist medical professionals across the full spectrum of Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC) applications. First-Light USA’s Tomahawk MC tactical light is a standard item within the US Army’s Combat Medic Aid Bag Equipment Set.

 "We’re very excited to be working with North American Rescue to promote and deliver our unique lighting capabilities to medical professionals that work in harm’s way. Nothing makes us prouder than knowing that our lights help life savers save lives,” said First-Light USA’s CEO Jeremy Ross.    

About North American Rescue

North American Rescue (NAR), based in Greer, South Carolina, has proudly enjoyed the honor of serving their country, community, and customers for over a decade. NAR is leading the way in decreasing preventable deaths by providing innovative casualty care solutions to our uniformed soldiers, first responders, health care professionals, and security forces both at home, and abroad in foreign combat zones. For more information on North American Rescue and products visit

About First-Light USA

Founded in 2004, First-Light USA is the innovation leader in the design and manufacture of hands-enabling lighting tools. First-Light USA is committed to developing products that adapt to a user’s movements and actions—freeing their hands to carry out any tactical, recreational or general task. First-Light USA’s flagship products include the Liberator and Tomahawk tactical lights—both proudly built in the USA. First-Light USA’s lighting tools exceed the US Military’s ‘Buy American Act’ standards. Learn more about First-Light USA at

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