Blog: 29 April 2013

In-depth review of the Tomahawk NV with TRS

Twobirds Flying Publication WebsiteWe were pleased to read a recent in-depth review of the First-Light USA Tomahawk NV written by the folks over at Twobirds Flying Publication.

In their review, they evaluate the Tomahawk NV with TRS from top to bottom, from illumination capabilities (both colored LEDs and IR) to control features and more...this review covers it all. When all was said and done they had this to say about the Tomahawk,

"All things considered, one is hard-pressed to find a mil-spec light as versatile and robust as the First-Light USA Tomahawk NV. It performed brilliantly, no pun intended, across its entire feature set. With the addition of the TRS, the aggregate solution leaves nothing to be desired."

Read the complete in-depth review now.

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