Blog: 25 April 2012

Numbers Don't Lie

Liberator Tactical LightHandgun testing conducted by a major university's Police Training Institute revealed significant improvements in both accuracy and response time versus traditional cylindrical tactical flashlights used in conjunction with industry-accepted tactical flashlight shooting techniques.

Improved Marksmanship

19% vs. 5%
Flashlight vs. Liberator Tactical Light
Daytime to Nighttime Accuracy Loss

2.12 Seconds
Faster Tactical Load Time

2.75 Seconds
Faster Double Feed Drill Time

1.93 Seconds
Faster Speed Load Time

Developed With Departments

In addition to our university research, the Liberator tactical light has undergone a rigorous testing and evaluation program, with real-world feedback and input from the following law enforcement organizations:

  • Los Angeles Police Department
  • Tactics Training Unit and SWAT Team
  • St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department
  • Training Bureau
  • Rockford, Illinois Police Department, Training Unit and SWAT Team
  • Bloomington, Illinois Police Department
  • Chattanooga, Tennessee Police Department

NOTE: Data reflects users with no previous Liberator tactical light usage experience and less than fifteen minutes of orientation.

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