Blog: 22 March 2012

Officers' Simulated Night Qualification Score Improved By 30%

Officer Kevin Murphy
Union (New Jersey) Police Department

Liberator Tactical Light (with Task Light)It's a process that can make many a law officer leery - low-light firearms qualification.

Officer Kevin Murphy was no different. But unlike many officers, he had a unique reason to be concerned about his low-light qualifying. Having suffered a severe neck injury on-duty several years ago, Murphy had made a full recovery for the most part, however, due to the aftereffects of the injury, he had trouble remaining steady while shooting one-handed. This, despite being fully competent with a two-handed grip, posed a unique problem.

"As part of our simulated night qualification, we are required to shoot one-handed while holding a flashlight," said Murphy. "The last time I shot with a [Streamlight] Stinger and my initial score was 62.5%—and I had to requalify."

Having seen the Liberator Tactical Light in action at a regional shooting competition, he thought he'd give it a try for his requalification session.

The result?

"Well, with no practice whatsoever, my score improved 30%," said Murphy. "This time: 92.5%."

Despite being perfectly happy with his Streamlight Stinger, Murphy credits the Liberator Tactical Light as the light that kept his low-light shooting on track.

"The Liberator light was great, and I even think I inspired a few people to take a look at it," said Murphy.

Learn more about the Liberator Tactical Light.

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