Blog: 12 March 2012

Tomahawk ST Survives "Torture Test"

Beaten. Battered. Bludgeoned. And the Tomahawk is still as bright as before.

While we feel the following anecdote reflects the quality American craftsmanship that goes into every First-Light product, the actions described here represent extreme circumstances and are not recommended nor encouraged by First-Light USA. Take care of your light and it will take care of you.

When a question came up about the durability of the First-Light USA Tomahawk Tactical Light we couldn't resist the challenge to put it through an ultimate torture test.

So, working with a group of professionals in Fayetteville, NC who work closely with Special Forces operators, in the parking lot of 21st Century Tactical (a First-Light USA distributor), the torture test began.

Here are the non-scientific test protocols. The photo testifies to the result.

First, the Tomahawk (ST model) was thrown up into the air about 30 feet and allowed to careen onto the asphalt below.

Next, the light was hurled like a fast-pitch baseball into a concrete wall...the Tomahawk ST was still working.

Then the question came up: "Have you ever driven over it with a car?" So...out came the Chevy Suburban and "squish" went the Tomahawk into the gravel and pavement...still ticking.

Then, someone brought out a forklift and rolled both wheels over the "victim." Same result as before: worn for wear, but still working.

We then thought doing a "burnout" on the ill-fated light was in order. Re-enter: the Suburban, whose rear right wheel was positioned on top of the Tomahawk, at which point the driver accelerated while slamming the 3.5-ton SUV into gear. The Tomahawk ST spit out and flew horizontally through the air, coming to an abrupt rest on the aforementioned concrete wall.

Final result: One Tomahawk ST, beaten and tortured, clip and finger-loop broken...but STILL shining bright.

Learn more about the Tomahawk Tactical Light.

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